Hi Guys, FellbeastIII here - Do you guys like the new blue, or did you prefer the brown-orange colour?
Also, we've updated the Lorebook page: History of the Ainur. It's not finished yet, as you can probably see, but at least there's some progress.
The Unit page is started! Head over, and you'll see some screens on the Vampire, as well as a description. Below that, you'll find the same on the Great Beasts. Continue watching, and remember , comment!

Thanks, the Quenta Silmarillion Mod Team
They are up and running! Check out the Mod page for an overview of units, powers, factions, and structures. And the factions page includes in depth info and a small history for each faction. Pictures will be up shortly!




Well, good news! The mod is finally online. Updates will also be on the main page, but more and oftener the posts will be here. Check back regularly for updates!

Thanks, the Quenta Silmarillion Mod Team


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